You inspired me, for my son and his battle

You inspired me, for my son and his battle


I am so very sorry. I can feel your heartache and pain. I would like to let you know something that has touched my heart, life and soul. 

I have talked to Santa a few times about Cohen and watched all her videos over and over. I want you to know how much she touched my life this last year with a few of her words that changed my life. 

I fill my mind with things that help me stay positive through something that’s so uncomfortable and hard to endure. 

My goal is to not resist what I am being presented in my life because that is what causes the suffering. -Santa

When you see a tumor you never think cancer would be any part of my life. When you have it removed and the pathology comes back it is cancer, it is just a huge shock. -Santa

 I can get  snappy with my kids a bit honestly and irritated because I am a normal mom- also I’m not perfect! -Santa

After a cancer diagnosis its hard to not think every pain or different feeling   could be cancer. It’s a hard thing to overcome. You train your body to think  it’s not cancer and you start to ignore the signs. You think it’s something else because you can’t let your mind go there. -Santa

Santa, just like you said “as moms we live to be an example for our children” and I want you to know that you did inspire me.  The words above are yours and even though I’m not the one with cancer you inspired me in a different way, for my son and his battle. I have felt all of these feelings. So I thank you for all the different ways you can internalize cancer whether it be you or someone you love. 

My heart is with y’all Matt!

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