She taught me how to do back flips

She taught me how to do back flips

Dear Garcia/Heinemann Family:

Santa was such a beautiful person. She shined bright, smiled infectiously, exuted pure delight and is someone you never forget, even if she’s only part of your life for a day. She taught me how to do back flips. My heart truly aches for the entire Garcia and Heinemann families. The world is more empty without dear Santa in it.

I was deeply saddened to have learned of the passing of Santa earlier this week. Many of you who read this do not know me. I met Lea, Santa and Elena, better known to me as the Garcia trio, close to 20 years ago via soccer. Many people come and go in our lives, and most of them we never think about and most often times, we forget them. However, there are a few people who come into your life and they make such an impact, that you never forget them, no matter how short they were in your life. The Garcia trio fall into the major impact in my life for me, so much so that I immediately recognized Elena on a plane flight from Denver to Austin around Thanksgiving a few years back, despite it being probably 15 years since we had last seen each other. That is the Garcia effect!

My sympathies go out to all who knew and loved her. I hope that you all can find peace and relief during this time of grief. I wish all the best for you. 


Brad Mire

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